Richardson Rail Services Ltd.

An established company delivering high-quality training to Network Rail and contracting firms on the UK Rail network, with RISQS and NSAR accreditation.

Company Origins and Evolution: Established in 2007 by Duncan Richardson, Richardson Rail Services LTD initially carved its niche in safety-critical and track engineering. The torch was passed to Rhys Richardson in 2018, marking a pivotal moment that ignited the company’s exponential growth. Today, boasting a team of 11 approved Trainer/Assessors, our close-knit group functions seamlessly, operating more like a family than a workforce. As an approved railway provider and training/assessment authority (RTAS0455), we stand at the forefront of the industry.

Mission and Values: Our mission is clear: to elevate railway training by delivering it with a unique blend of fun, informativeness, and engagement. Guided by the core values of honesty, integrity, and quality, Richardson Rail Services LTD conducts its operations with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Track and Electrification Specialisation: Distinguishing ourselves with unparalleled expertise in Track and Electrification Engineering, we’ve been handpicked by Network Rail for pioneering electrification courses. From conductor rail engineering (CRE DCCR 01, 02, etc.) to distribution electrification training (Dist Level A). We are the only provider for the CRE DCCR (In line with CTM015) training!

Key Roles and Team Structure: At the helm of Richardson Rail Services LTD is Managing Director Rhys Richardson, supported by Finance Director Duncan Richardson, Electrification Manager Tom Loughlin and Office Manager Caitlin Richardson. Our team is a diverse tapestry of assessors, trainers, and operational staff, including seasoned track engineers and test and Commissioning engineers, all contributing significantly to our collective success.

Accreditation Journey: Our journey has been one of commitment and triumph. Successfully navigating the rigorous onboarding processes and audits, Richardson Rail Services LTD has emerged as an approved and accredited company. We not only adhere to compliance standards but exceed quality assurance benchmarks, tackling challenges with transparency and resilience.

Client Feedback and Improvement: In our relentless pursuit of excellence, client feedback holds a special place. Rigorous feedback mechanisms ensure that our standards remain high. Positive testimonials underscore our success stories, while constructive criticism prompts thorough reviews and fuels our commitment to continuous improvement.






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