Richardson Rail Services Ltd specialises in electrical work due to the technical skills and competencies of some of our core staff and our directors being Network Rail-approved Electrical Distribution Engineers.  

We were approached by Network Rail to assist them in updating and revamping HV training and conductor rail engineering training. This means that for any staff or services you order from us for electrification, you can rest assured that we will provide nothing but the highest quality. 

From High voltage systems to low voltage systems, we can cover most of our client’s needs, from racking out (isolating) substations.

Substation and Electrical Distribution Services

Project and Site Management

Design and Construction CRE’s + CEM

Substation and/or T.P Hut Designs

HV Feeder Renewals & Diversions inc. Pilot Studies.

Level A: AC and DC Competent Engineers for Isolation and Earthing, Issuing of HV Permits to Work, Certificates of Isolation, Circuit State Certificates and Sanctions for Test.

Level B: AC and DC Competent engineers for HV / LV Switching.

Level C and D competent Engineers for Substation Access and Permit Accepting.

Preparation of Switching Documentation/Commissioning Schedules / Strategies/Testing Documentation.

High Voltage & DC Substation Installation & Commissioning

Three Phase and/or Single Phase Competent Engineers.

VL / VT Monitoring to Confirm System Immunisation.

HV / LV Switchgear Testing and Commissioning

Autotransformer Testing

Switchgear Function Testing

IEC 61850 Network Testing

HV DC / VLF Cable Pressure Testing

Bus Testing / IEC61850 / Modbus Setup and Testing

HV AC Switchboard Testing

DC Switchboard Testing

Remote Monitoring Equipment Testing.

Switchgear AC Pressure Testing

Pilot Transfer and Testing Works

Contact Resistance Resting

Earth Mat Testing

Motor Operated Switch (MOS) Setup & Commissioning.

Supervisory and SCADA commissioning, End to End testing from site to Electrical Control Room

System testing capabilities Short Circuit Testing / Entry into Services of new HV Substation Equipment

implementing Programmable Scheme Logic / Settings Files for protection relay equipment.

Protection Relay testing – including Schneider, Areva Micom Protection equipment PX20, PX40, PX30 Series , Siemens Siprotec Series, ABB REF protection.

Synchronised Injection Testing using GPS linked test equipment;

Test and commissioning of HV systems interfacing with the National Grid and Network Rail Overhead line Catenary systems

Installation, Testing and commissioning of traction systems 

Test and commissioning plans

IR Testing

Substation Access supervisors

LVAC renewals

High Voltage feeder terminations, equipment installation and commissioning

Electrical High Voltage, DC and Low Voltage jointing

Earth testing and earth farm installation

Substation Maintance

HV Assessors/HV Competent persons /HV Engineer

Low Voltage & Conductor Rail Engineering

Project and Site Management

Design and Construction CRE’s CEM

DC Cabling and DC conductor rail detailed design.

Track Disconnector (TD) and negative bonding reinforcement. Controlled Track Switches (CTS) Design

Depot DC and LV electrical design.

DCCR 01 – undertaking installation of DC Conductor Rail Equipment

DCCR 02 – Installing or Replacing DC Conductor Rail Equipment to Design

DCCR 3 Install or Undertaking Corrective Maintance of Traction Cables & Bonding Systems

DCCR 4 Inspect DC Conductor Rail Equipment

DCCR 5 Inspect Negative Bonding Systems

DCCR 6 Effective Progression of Conductor Rail Maintance or Renewal Activitys

DCCR 7 Maintain Conductor Rail Equipment in Dc Conductor Rail Depots

Low Voltage Cabling Installation & commissioning

18th Edition Low Voltage Competent Testers.

Electrical Track Equipment Including Cabling and Hook Switches

DC Cabling Installation & Commissioning

Track Isolating Equipment & Negative Short Circuit Devices (NSCD) Install

Conductor Rail Transitions and Remodelling

Conductor Rail Modifications for Temporary or Permanent RRAPs