Richardson Rail Services Ltd. Civil teams are experts in cable route containment planning through civil design and construction, including substation ducting to cable installation and testing, as well as concrete base installation and piling works.

Track Induction

Controller of site safety  (COSS)

Individual working Alone (IWA) 

Protection Controller (PC) 

Site Warden (SW) 

Safe System of Work planner (SSOWP) 

Access Overhead Lines Construction Sites. (OLEC 1)

Auxiliary operating duties Level Crossing Attendant. (AOD(LXA)

Auxiliary operating duties Points Operator. (AOD(PO)

Hand Signaller (AOD HS)

Engineering Supervisor. (ES)

Possession support (PS)

Person in charge of Possessions (PICOP)

Senior person uncharge of Possessions (SPICOP)

Level C: Access & Egress Traction and/or non traction locations. (LC DIST)

Level D: Receive Safety Documentation. (LD DIST)

DC Conductor Rail Basic Maintenance Course (DCCR 01)

DC Conductor Rail Advanced Maintenance Course (DCCR 02)

LA 3rd-R PA-i Level A – Procedure A (And procedure B)

LB 3rd-R St-i Level B – Strapping (inc testing

LB 3rd-R Sw-i – Level B – Switching

NSCD Operator

Civil Work & Staff

Civil Project Management

Civil Design and Construction CRE’s

Civils CEM

Temporary Works

Civil Site and Construction Management

Civil’s Design

Setting Out Engineer

Condition and Dilapidation surveys

Feasibility Studies

Ground Works in Preparation for the Installation of Cable Routes

New Build and Refurbishment (Sub-Stations, Platforms, Station Buildings)

Utility Services Enabling and Diversion

Fencing, New and Maintaining Existing

Civils Excavation Work inc. Duct Laying and Reinstatement

Embankment Works

King Post Wall Installation

Retaining Structures

Installation of Trackside Equipment Cabinets and Other Structures Including Foundation Work

Route Containment Installation

Installation of Platform Duct Routes, Under-Track Crossings (UTXs) and Under-Road Crossings (URXs)

Directional Drilling (HDD) and Auger Bore Works

Concrete Base and Formation Works

The Recovery of Life-Expired Cables, Cable Route and Trackside Equipment.

Drainage, Lineside, Platform, Trackside and non-Rail