We originally, when we stepped into training, were reluctant to continue with safety-critical (protection staff) supply but due to Industry demand, we continued. We are different from other labour suppliers because we will only supply protection staff if we have trained people or know them personally and know that the quality of service will be of the highest standard. This is to ensure protect our company’s reputation as a leading training provider.

Protection Staff

Personal Track Safety AC and DC (PTS AC / DCCR) 

Track Induction

Controller of site safety  (COSS)

Individual working Alone (IWA) 

Protection Controller (PC) 

Site Warden (SW) 

Safe System of Work planner (SSOWP) 

Access Overhead Lines Construction Sites. (OLEC 1)

Auxiliary operating duties Level Crossing Attendant. (AOD(LXA)

Auxiliary operating duties Points Operator. (AOD(PO)

Hand Signaller (AOD HS)

Engineering Supervisor. (ES)

Possession support (PS)

Person in charge of Possessions (PICOP)

Senior person uncharge of Possessions (SPICOP)

Level C: Access & Egress Traction and/or non traction locations. (LC DIST)

Level D: Receive Safety Documentation. (LD DIST)

DC Conductor Rail Basic Maintenance Course (DCCR 01)

DC Conductor Rail Advanced Maintenance Course (DCCR 02)

LA 3rd-R PA-i Level A – Procedure A (And procedure B)

LB 3rd-R St-i Level B – Strapping (inc testing

LB 3rd-R Sw-i – Level B – Switching

NSCD Operator